Theatre is located in the center of Vize town.



Vize Amphitheater is the only significant ancient theater of Thrace which were uncovered. It is predicted that the theater belongs to the late Roman period around AD II. Century.


The area is under preservation.

Area Descriptions

Theater excavation was realized in Vize district for three years in 1995, 1996 and 1997 with contribution of Trakya University Archeology and Art History Department under head of Kırklareli Museum. The Unique known theater from Roman Period has been revealed as result of excavation. The theater has a capacity of about 4000 audiences and walking steps are fully made of marble. A big size woman statue was found during excavation works performed at theater area in 1995 and 4 stage reliefs during excavation works performed in 1996. These works of art are exhibited at Kırklareli Museum. 21 Parcels surrounding the theater are have been nationalized with the purpose of revealing the theater completely and making it a ruin. The theater will be brought in Kırklareli tourism with a wide range scientific excavation to be performed in following years.

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