Aşağı Pınar mound is located along the road to Asılbeyli village, just to the south of Kırklareli.



The archeological excavation is underway since 1993. Aşağı Pınar is the settlement of the first farmers coming in to Thrace, bringing with them a new way of life which is also known as the Neolithic Revolution, was transferred from Anatolia to Europe. The sedentary farming, which started around 10.000 BC in Anatolia, reached Thrace circa 6400 BC, and then underwent a process of adaptation to the temperature, forested habitat of this region before it spread into Europe. Therefore, the culture which emerged in Aşağı Pınar, represents the process of laying the foundation of European civilization.


The area is under preservation.

Area Descriptions

Nine cultural levels were recovered at Aşağı Pınar settlement, which continued uninterruptedly until 4800 BC. The first settlement that flourished on the same location until 5600 BC is represented by the four architectural layers reflecting apparent Anatolian influences. After total destruction by fire, the settlement spread over a large part of the hill, and during this process a cultural structuring that is peculiar to the Balkans became predominant.

It is evident that the early communities arriving with the knowledge of mud-brick and stone as building material, here developed wooden architecture, which later spread to entire Europe.

The remains of wooden architecture can be traced during archeological excavation, but are impossible to preserve.

Traditional buildings that are still present in Istranca Mountains, due to their resemblance of the Neolithic architecture of Aşağı Pınar, have been used in modelling the exhibition.

The open-air museum at Aşağı Pınar, at present consisting of three exhibition units, has been designed to develop awareness and interest to public.

The exhibition comprises of posters, replicas and models to display daily life, craftmanship, technologies and subsistence in Neolithic Aşağı Pınar.

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