Seyfioğlu Bastion is located on 3 km away from the northeastern part of Kırklareli city center.



During the late Ottoman period many military facilities were built at various locations in Thrace. According to the needs of the period, Seyfioğlu Bastion was made  for defensive purposes during the Balkan Wars in 1877.


The area is under preservation.

Area Descriptions

The bastion was built in separate sections, with rectangular cut stone, and with a U-plan. In order to prevent artillery firings, bastion’s top part was covered with earthfill. The bastion has windows which are round-arched and rectangular. Bastion's fronts are towards to the North side and surrounded by ditches around. Seyfioğlu Bastion has come to our today without much attrition. It is a particular and well preserved structure built in 1877 right to the north east of the center of Kırklareli.

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