Hızırbey Islamic Social Complex is located in downtown of Kırklareli city.



Hızırbey Islamic Social Complex was built by Köse Mihalzade Hızır Bey in 1383. It consists of a mosque, a turkish bath and a bazaar.


The area is under preservation.

Area Descriptions

Hızırbey Mosque (The Great Mosque): It is in the city center, downtown. The square building was built by Köse Mihalzade Hızırbey in 1383. Exterior surfaces of the walls, interior of the dome and its minaret are sandstone pavement. The narthex and courtyard walls were added later. Its minaret is made of face stone and has a single balcony and conic edge. The building known The Great Mosque as well, is open to worship, at present. It was reconstructed by General Directorate of Foundations, between 2008-2009.

Hızırbey Turkish Bath: It is in the city center of Kırklareli, on the Cumhuriyet Square. It was built by Köse Mihalzade Hızır Bey in 1383 and rebuilt by Hacı Hüseyin Ağa, in 1683. It is still active.

Bazaar: It was built contiguously to Hızırbey Bath in the city center. It was built for commercial purposes in 1383 with a "T" plan. The facades of the arched walls, especially in the higher parts are different from the bath walls. They were made  with the technique of compressed brick, an alternative to stone and brick. The building has belt-walled, two vaulted brick and upper cover is with the technique of binder monastery and it is 15 meters of length, consists of 12 shops.

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