Kazandere Cave is located near the Armağan village. It is 34 Kms far from the Kırklareli.



There is no exact information about the formation of the cave.


There is no official preservation measures for Kazandere Cave.

Area Descriptions

Kazandere Cave is a recently discovered cave by the trekkers. After the discovery of the cave, the authorities started to make studies regarding the cave's age, formation and particularities. Special equipments and knowledge is necessary in order to enter the cave. The enterance is only reccomended to the exprienced cave explorers. It is estimated that the length of the cave is 1.684m, and the depth is 170 m. It is described as a marvel of nature. There are stalactites and stalagmites in the cave developed in the centuries. The authorities are planning to include the cave to the list of “Officially Preserved Heritages”

There are five more caves which are suitable for tourism within provincial borders of Kırklareli, in Istranca Forests.

Those are ;

Yenesu Cave – Vize / Balkaya 1620 Mts
Domuzdere Cave – Vize / Balkaya 300 Mts
Kıyıköy Cave – Vize / Kıyıköy 365 Mts
Kaptanın Cave – Vize / Kıyıköy 39 Mts
Dupnisa Cave – Demirköy / Sarpdere 2720 Mts

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