İğneada is within the borders of Demirköy district, Kırklareli and the border of Bulgaria. İğneada which is 25 Kms to Demirköy, 97 Kms to Kırklareli, 165 Kms to Edirne and 250 Kms to Istanbul has a clean beach of 40-50 meters wide and nearly 10 Kms long. One can get access to the town through asphalt roads from everywhere.



It is estimated that, the first humans came to the region 1 million years ago who lived in İğneada in the caves. During the Bronze Age and the Iron Age, there were no permanent residential areas in the region. The Thracians, BC 2000, were the first communities started the permanent life in İğneada. The Thyns, one of the family coming from the Thracians, were established a city around the region callled Thynias, as we name İğneada today. İğneada was one of the most popular cities around the region during BC  6th  and the 7th centuries for about its volume of commerce and its facilities of art.

Area Descriptions

İğneada is famous about its Longoz Forests, mountains, seas, lakes, its clean air, bio-diversity, wildlife, sand dunes, fish species and medicinal plants found in the woods.There is also a significant potential in İğneada for eco-tourism. Honey, mushrooms, fruits, marine products, fish and sea fruits, handcrafts, dairy products and organic fruits are the most common products of the town.
There is a motel belonging to the Special Administration, training and recreation facilities of some public institutions and some housing near the town center. There are also some facil ities such as restaurants, tea gardens, WC's and showers around the beach.

İğneada attracts attention especially with numereous 1st degree protected areas near it. There are pensions in which the visitors can stay and find lots of activity opportunities according to their field of interest.

Some of them can be summarized as the following :

  • Sea water and sand in June,July, and August are very suitable to have a swim in İğneada which is one of the most beautiful coastal area of the Black Sea.
  • There are good opportunities for bird watching for İğneada which is on the route of migrotory birds.
  • Mountain biking in the forest, trekking, camping can be done in the beautiful forests.
  • Observing plant diversity is possible due to the plant diversity.
  • Historical ruins in the region (Liman Light, Sislioba Castle, Hamdibey Castle, Gökyaka Castle) and the sunk ships may be visited.
  • There are places where the local food can be tasted.

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Project: Green corridors - promotion of natural, cultural and historical heritage in the region of Burgas and Kirklareli. Grant Contract №РД-02-29-173/01.07.2011.

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