Burgas Regional Historical Museum - Archaeological, Ethnographic, Historical and Natural-History Exposition

Archaeological Exposition - Burgas, 21 Aleko Bogoridi St.
Ethnographic Exposition - Burgas, 69 Slavianska St.
Natural-History Exposition - Burgas, 30 Fotinov St.
Historical Exposition - Burgas, 31 Lermontov St.



Regional Historical Museum in Burgas is the biggest museum in southeast Bulgaria. It was created in 1912 as a private archaeological museum at the Burgas society for archeology "Debelt" a group of intellectuals and pleaders for the recreation and research of the historical past of the Burgas region. The first chairman of the Archaeological Society is governor "Hristo Bogoev" of the Burgas region and the first director of the museum was named Paul Vodenicharov. During the following 30 years the first museum collections have been assembled with unique archaeological and ethnographic valuables.
In 1946 members of the society assigned the museum to the municipality and hereby it was declared a People’s Museum of Burgas. The young scholar and archaeologist Ivan Galabov was appointed director (1918 - 1978), he laid the foundations of the modern science and archaeology in the Burgas Region.
Since 2000 according to a ministerial decree, the museum was approved as Regional Museum of Burgas Region, which organizes research and study of cultural heritage in the region, the museum stores the cultural heritage in its collection and displays it for the public.


Status of the Regional Museum. Situated in four separate buildings - cultural monuments built in the late 19th and early 20th century.

In the Archaeological Exposition can be seen collection of artefacts related to the ancient cities of Thrace, the old Greek colonies along the Black Sea coast and the Roman time. The unique exhibits presenting the history of Black Sea Shipping and the development of prosperous ports along the Bulgarian Black Sea coast during the Middle Ages until the fall of the country under Ottoman rule in the late 14th- mid. 15th century. The museum store finds from archaeological digs in Burgas region.

The Ethnographic exposition presents the historical core of the old Burgas with its traditional culture and customs. The exhibition is located in the famous in Burgas Brakalov House, owned once by the big patriot and politician Dimitar Todorov Brakalov, who was twice mayor of Burgas. The house was built in 1873 and in its architectural plan belongs to the type of "Balkan" town house of the 19th century. Here visitors can admire the most attractive collection of Bulgarian Traditional costumes covering all ethnographic groups in the Burgas region, including the clothing of the Thracian refuges from the land that nowadays belong to Greece and Turkey.  Special collections presents the traditional female jewellery - silver and gold with beads - an integral part of the festive garments.

The Historical Exposition gathers and displays original artefacts, photographs and documents from events and historical figures related to the local history. The first floor is a favourite location for interesting guest exhibitions and the second floor houses the permanent exhibition "Treasures Saved", which displays objects typical for wealthy homes in Central and Western Europe during the 18th-19th century. On the ground floor is situated an icon hall offering insight to high-value works of the Bulgarian Renaissance.

The Natural-History Exposition is unique on the south Bulgarian coast of the Black Sea. It represents the geohistorical evolution of Southeast Bulgaria and its abundant flora and fauna. The exposition displays a number of valuable collections such as "The flora and fauna of the Strandzha region, "The magical world of the stone", “The birds in the Burgas' wet zones" etc.

Area Descriptions

During the last 10 years the Regional Historical Museum, Burgas is an active cultural and scientific institution built as a modern network of four major museum exhibitions in the heart of the regional center. The exhibitions are situated in four separated buildings - beautiful cultural monuments located in the city center, 4-5 minutes apart from each other.

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