At the end of the hill Meden Rid (en:"Copper Ridge") over the river Ropotamo. It is situated on the upper part of a rock nature phenomenon called Luvskata glava (en:"the Lion's Head").
Approximately 8 km north of Primorsko. Access by road to the junction for Beglik tash and forest path along the southern slope of the hill.



Fortress "Vulchanovo Kale" (Luvskata glava) was built at the spur of the most sticking out rock part accessible from east. It was built by the Thracian tribe "skirmiani" - ancient miners, who inhabited the coastal territory of Strandzha mountain during the 2nd-1st millennium BC.
The fortress wall was built of large stone blocks representing the so-called "megalithic" construction, typical of the 2nd millennium BC. In the center of the fort still stand the remains of a palace and an unique sanctuary used by the local Thracian ruler, who also acted as a high priest. The castle was used in the following centuries due to its extremely strategic position.
The life here continued until the 15th century. Remains of a small medieval church have been preserved inside the fortress.


Part of Nature Park Ropotamo. Restricted access - guides only.

Area Descriptions

Inside Nature Park Ropotamo, on top of a high steep hill.
30-45 minutes' walk along a tight forest path (marked with turist signes) surrounded by bushes and natural megalithic structures.

Related routes

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