Locate at the shore of St. Paraskeva Bay within the Nature Park "Ropotamo", 6 km north of Primorsko.
Access by road and a short forest path.



During the Middle Ages and early Ottoman rule, important religious centers existed here. Based on the preserved local toponyms along Ropotamo river mouth such as "St. Dimitar" and "St. Paraskeva", we can assume that they are connected with the development of monastery complexes by the same names.


Archaeological studies in the Gulf St. Paraskeva made possible a full elucidation of the architectural plan and construction periods of the medieval church. It is a single nave construction with form of a tight cross and cross coverage. Archaeological findings and the remains of two burials dated its operation in the period 10th-17th century when it was burned by the Ottomans. Around the church can be found traces of other buildings and a sacred spring, which is a proof that the church was part of a monastery, whose patron was most likely St.Paraskeva.

Area Descriptions

In the woods next to the beach of St. Paraskeva Bay, near the traces of an old wharf.
There is a direct forest path to the Thracian sanctuary Beglik Tash situated 600 m south of the bay.

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