On 3.5 km north from the town of Primorsko, in the forested area on the rand of nature park "Ropotamo". Locates at the highest terrace of the Peninsula Beglik Tash to the east of Ropotamo river mouth.
Access by road and well maintained forest path.



The unique Thracian sanctuary Beglik Tash was discovered in 2002. It is defined as the earliest Thracian megalith sanctuary found so far in south-eastern Thrace and the Black Sea coast area. The conducted studies have shown that at the end of the Bronze Age (XIII century BC) there was already a high density of human activity here. The finds show that the sanctuary was visited mainly by Thracians. It was associated with the cult of fertility, the Mother Goddess, the orphic dedication and immortalization of the Hero.
Beglik Tash is the oldest and largest Thracian sanctuary in eastern Bulgaria. It spreads over approximately 12 ha as it consists of two circles formed by large rock formations and stone ensembles, each of them representing a single element or feat in the ritual of sacred marriage and commitment. The use of natural phenomena by the Thracians shows their utmost respect for what nature has created, with only few natural forms changed by human hand in order to engrave ritual symbols and signs.
An important element in the Thracian rituals is the water lit by the sun. So they created many water reservoirs associated with grooves, channels, basins to collect the holy water with which to perform the ritual of cleansing wash. Depending on the holiday, which they have come to worship, they brought gifts and performed offerings at different places in the sanctuary - at the entrance, at the so called marriage bed, sacrificial stones, the divine steps (cavities hewn in the stone in the shape of big foot prints), at the entrance to the dolmen - a model of the sacred cave or womb of the Mother Goddess, maze and more. Their offering to the Gods include fruits, flowers, sacrificial animals, wine, milk, honey, olive oil served in clay pots, which were ritually broken at the appropriate place to break the "lives" of these items so they can give new life ie to revive.


Full archaeological studies of the site is still to be conducted;
Urgent conservation and socialization / easier access for tourists.

Area Descriptions

3,5 km north of Primorsko toward the nature park Ropotamo, 1 km walk along specially prepared forest path. The sanctuary consists of a central section and two smaller structures around it, with a total area of 6 decares (6000 sq.m). The large rocks were partially carved and assembled on the site; stone plates and blocks arranged by human hand in unique shapes. In the flat rocks there are carved stone circles, grooves and so called "Markovi stupki" (the steps of Marko). The small buildings and cult fireplaces back up the evidence of early human activity here.

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