On the territory of Burgas city; localizes on the top eastern terrace of the hill, which is part of the northern branch of Meden Rid part of Strandzha Mountain. The site is accessible along country road 79 Burgas - Sredets and off-road to the right side of the neighborhood, which climbs up the slope of the hill. Distance to the main road ~ 1.2 km.



he Thracian sanctuary on mount Shiloto is dedicated to the main Thracian deity - the Thracian horseman. It has existed for almost 900 years from the 5th century BC to the 4th century AD. This sanctuary belonged to the Thracian miners who inhabited the Copper Ridge (bg:Meden Rid). Here they performed rituals dedicated to the main gods: the Sun God / Apollo /, the Mother Goddess / Earth / and "Heros" Thracian Hero - horseman.

In the 60s of the 20th century the place became a military zone and hosted tank training ranges, which have badly fractured the terrain around the Thracian sanctuary. The Archaeological exposition of Burgas Museum stores votive tablets of the Thracian horseman and details of inscriptions.


An archaeological survey is still to be conducted, establishment of infrastructure and cleaning of the area at the foot of the hill from the barns and unlawful fouling.
From the mount Shiloto can be made a tourist road called "The sacred path" heading to the lower hill, marked with a big cross monument (not light at the moment).The site is suited for different interactive forms, festivals of light and fire, horse racing, restorations of the Orphic arts - music and dancing, mummers' games.
Establishment of sites for observation, setting up benches, offering lectures and other info forms.

Area Descriptions

Mount Shiloto is the highest elevation point, from which can be observed in a 360° the area including Burgas Bay, Coastal Strandzha and the whole all Copper Ridge (Meden Rid) to the southeast, the wide plains of Burgas Region and the two fresh water basins: Mandra and Burgas Lake to the southwest and north. This is the right place to feel the power bound the sacred place of the Thracian gods / the Thracian Olympus/.

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