Burgas, district Banevo, the sanctuary localizes on a height called "Manastir tepe" in the vicinity of Banevo, 300 m east of the junction to Izvorishte.



Here was the residence of the local Thracian ruler, who, according to the ancient traditions acts also the chief priest. Preserved are the ruins of fortification stone walls enclosing an area of about 400 sq.m and a square tower that guarded the entrance. An altar stone is preserved in the central part, where they made offerings using small clay figurines of Thracian deities, vessels full of wine and fruit.
The archaeological research of this area was conducted between 1987-90.


he site needs conservation and restoration, fencing and security, info boards and establishment of adequate infrastructure to ensure visitors access. The sanctuary is directly connected with Akve Khalide trough the gully of Banevska River or on 1,5 km from the Mineral baths trough the forest park.
Visualization of the old city plan with the archaeological sites.

On the place can be recreated Thracian rituals using souvenir copies of figures found here, which are now exhibited in the Archaeological museum in Burgas.

Offering guide tours in different languages.

Area Descriptions

The Thracian sanctuary / 4th-3rd century BC / is archaeological site of national importance. It is situated on a small hill visible from the nature reserve lake Atanasovsko. It can be accessed through a 2 km long narrow channel.

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