Coordinates: 42°24’07.0” N, 27°26’24.2” E



Mouth of Izvorska River Protected Site has an area of 151.0 hectares and is located on the land of the villages of Rudnik, Tvarditsa (Bourgas district) and Izvor (Sozopol Municipality).

Documents declaring it a protected area: Order №170 of 16.02.1990

Purposes for declaring it a protected area: Preservation of the natural habitats of protected and rare bird species.

Mode of activities:

Prohibited: killing, capturing and disturbing of birds, destroying their nests, and collecting their eggs;

Prohibited: hunting;

Prohibited: fishing;

Prohibited: felling of trees except sanitary;

Prohibited: construction, opening of quarries and other activities which change the natural environment or water regime;

Prohibited: livestock grazing;

Overlap: ЗЗ from the Birds Directive: Mandra - Poda

Area Descriptions

It is an interesting area that is worth visiting by both naturalists and the citizens of Burgas. It is an easily accessible site which can be reached by private car and by public transport from the village of Dimchevo and from there on foot (30 minutes). Izvorska River flows into Mandra dam through a beautiful estuary and in the opposite direction it passes through a forest area. It is the responsibility of Burgas State Forestry.

In this protected area you can see a lot of rare species of birds – herons, swans, cormorants, pelicans and others. The river is rich in fish and despite the ban on fishing in the protected area its banks are often full of poachers.

In the very near future, as part of the project "Life for Burgas Lakes" of the Bulgarian Society for the Protection of Birds, a picnic zone with a wooden shelter will be built near the car park on the shores of Mandra Lake. This will make the area attractive for family visits.

Project: Green corridors - promotion of natural, cultural and historical heritage in the region of Burgas and Kirklareli. Grant Contract №РД-02-29-173/01.07.2011.

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