Route №3

Burgas city - Vaya Lake - Mount Shiloto, Thracian sanctuary - Monastery "Virgin Mary" - Medieval fortress Rusokastron and sanctuary Rusina dupka near the village of Rusokastro - Ancient and medieval town Deultum, Debelt - Protected area "The mouth of River Izvorska" - Burgas city


The starting point of the route is the Zero point at the centre of Burgas on Alexandrovska st. The route is going along the railway station, heads towards the residential district Meden Rudnik passing the boulevard along the Burgas lake Vaya. In residential district Meden Rudnik, after the fuel station Lukoil on bul. Todor Grudov, turn right and follow Minyorska street to reach the monastery in Gorno Ezerovo. After the bus stop the road splits in two, so keep right. A panoramic view reveals the valley and Lake Vaya. To the left a dirt road route climbs to Mount Shiloto - the highest hill near Burgas (209 m) which offers a unique 360º view of Burgas city, Lake Mandra, Lake Burgas, the whole Burgas Bay (from Chernomorets to the south and Cape Emine in north), Meden Rid (en:Copper Ridge), parts of Strandzha Mountain and more villages to the west. A favourite place for the paragliders, Mount Shiloto is home to a Thracian sanctuary dedicated to the main Thracian deity - the Thracian horseman.

The distance is 11.7 km (including 3.7 km bike lanes and pedestrian areas, 800 m of dirt road and 7.2 km asphalt), time to travel 1 hour and 45 minutes

Monastery "Sveta Bogoroditsa" (en: St.Mary) in the village Gorno Ezerovo is an acting nunnery. The place revered by locals as the old "spring" (bg: ayazmo), can be found in the valley below the peak. You can reach it for about 10 minutes going down on the dirt road followed by asphalt. The nearby forest along the river is a favourite spot among the people of Burgas for picnics and recreation.

From the monastery over a dirt road through the fields, advancing slowly first to the southeast and then west-southwest, you can work round Mount Shiloto. You will reach the asphalt road just before the entrance to Bird farm Aves. 500 m after the entrance of "Aves" the road merges with the third class road Gorno Ezerovo - Cherni vruh, on the junction turn left towards the village of Cherni vruh. In the village centre there are two shops and a cafeteria, and at the village rand a public fountain. From there the distance to Polski izvor is 3 km; the asphalt road has holes but no hills and is not busy. There are several public fountains south of Polski izvor (off road from the main route). In the centre of the village you can find a shop and a restaurant. For the village of Trustikovo turn left, the distance is 4 km and the car traffic is also very low. The village centre has a shop, restaurant, a small park with a playground for the children and a church. Here is the junction to the village of Rusokastro with a sign (continue straight for Debelt). The road is empty and in good condition. 4 km away is the village of Livada in the centre of which there is a store, restaurant and a public fountain. After another 4 km is situated the village Rusokastro with shops and a fountain next to the children's playground in the centre. The medieval fortress, which is 3 km away from the centre in the same direction (to village Troyanovo) is visible from far away on the top of a hill, right after the village. The road is good, though narrower. After the social house the road divides into two - the right exit leads to the village Troyanovo and as the hill top is to the left (Zhelyazovo village) while passing by a memorial plaque for the battle of the Bulgarian Tsar Ivan Alexander with the Byzantines, and a public fountain next to it just before the river Rusokastrenska . To reach Fortress Rusokastron take the dirt road 250 m after the river (there is an information board). To the left there is a bypass, which will take you to the top of the hill, and if you continue straight over the 300 m long uphill with a 10% slope, you will reach a large green meadow with gazebos and an information board, where you can leave your bicycles. Up the path carved into the rock, from south you will have to climb on foot. The site has a status of immovable archaeological cultural heritage of national importance. Picturesque views of a river, fields and nearby villages reveal from the hill. Visitors can see the church on the upper terrace of the hill and to the west, the excavated parts of the fortress wall, castle, west gate, Thracian sanctuary. A path that starts from the church to the north leads to the cave-sanctuary "Russia dupka". Water supply facility is down along the main road, 200 m after the junction. The distance from the monastery "Sveta Bogoroditsa" is 23.9 km, 1.9 km of a dirt road and 22.0 km asphalt. Time to travel: 2 h 45 min.

The route goes back to the village of Trustikovo in the centre of which turn right to the village of Debelt. At the moment the road is in a bad condition. Ancient and medieval town Deultum is located at the southern rand of modern Debelt, through which is passing the Old Bulgarian border ridge "Erkesiya" (8th - 10th centuries). Deultum is an archaeological reserve on an area of 83 ha and has been awarded "European cultural heritage label".

The early Byzantine and medieval fortress and rock necropolis are located on the other side of the road II-79 and River Sredetzka. To get there go back to the main road in the village, which is crossing them in direction Promet and 200 m after the bridge over the river continue along the dirt road up to the hill where you will see big information board for the Fortress Golyamo Gradishte (200 m steep uphill, 8% slope). The necropolis is southeast. To examine the church, built at the time of the Bulgarian ruler Boris I in the 9th century, you will have to get permission from the steel plant "Promet Steel" AD one week in advance, as the site is on the territory of the plant. It can be reached by turning left (northeast) on the junction. There are two entrances on the north side; a detour route passes 20-25 m lower down. The distance from Fortress Rusokastron till here is 20.8 km, including 19.3 km asphalt and 1.5 km on dirt road. Time to travel: 2 hours (excluding time required for examination of tourist sites).

From here on, without taking any turnoffs between the curves, the bike route twists between industrial buildings and the wastewater treatment plant in the western part of the Lake Mandra, where the road enters the forest. After 5 km gradual climbing (100m difference in altitude) enter Protected area "Stariat sovat" and after further 1 km along the road, to the right there is a lawn with shelter and a fireplace. Follows smooth downhill through the woodland as the asphalt road is in very poor condition. Reach the village of Prisad after another 5 km. Drive only straight, come out on the road Dimchevo - Zidarovo and then turn left towards the village of Dimchevo. Just before the village, under the bridge on the right side there is place for a picnic along the river Fakiyska. At the village centre to the left is a public fountain and a local/pub and to the right after the turn is a shop. 2 km along the road to the village of Tvarditsa is protected area "The mouth of River Izvorska", where you can watch the swans and other migratory birds, as well as find appropriate places to take a break. 1 km after the bridge, to the left starts a dirt road heading straight to the biggest residential complex in Burgas - Meden Rudnik. The trail climbs gradually 1.3 km along the road by village Tvarditsa, where you turn left on it. After 800 m there is a new exit to the right on a dirt road, along which you could climb up to the hill Lale bair, which offers a wonderful view of Protected area Poda, Mandra Lake, the sea, Burgas city and Kraimorie. The distance from Deultum is 21.2 km (including 19.1 km asphalt road and 2.1 km dirt road). Time to travel: 2 hours.

Continue on the road to residential complex Meden Rudnik, passing over the dike of Lake Mandra. In the residential complex immediately turn right and drive back to the city centre’s main street Alexandrovska.

The distance from the hill Lale bair to Alexandrovska Street is 13.8 km including 10.0 km asphalt road, 3.0 km along bike lanes and pedestrian zones, and 800 m of a dirt road. Time to travel: 1 hour and 15 minutes.

Total time: 10 hours

Food and drink: Take with! During the hike food and drink can be purchased from shops in the villages of Cherni vruh, Polski izvor, Trustikovo, Livada, Rusokastro, Debelt, Prisad, Rudnik and Tvurditsa. Fountains with drinking water can be found in the village center of Livada, Rusokastro, Dimchevo, next to the river on the western rand of the village Polski izvor and next to the river before the fortress Rusokastron.

Equipment: bicycle, tires with tread pattern suitable for asphalt and dirt roads, sports suit and shoes, raincoat, small backpack or saddlebags, map of the area or GPS device, helmet, glasses - sun protection or insects stopping, sunscreen, mosquito repellent, spare inner tire, tire patches, pump, tool kit, front and rear bicycle lights.

Service: in the village of Debelt there is vulcanizer for tires.

Accommodation: if necessary you can find rooms offered for renting in Debelt, further information can be obtained at the local City Hall, phone number: +359 5558 2126.

Route virtual tour
Length: 97,500km length of time: 10 hours
- asphalt road:78,900km - bike lanes: 6,700km
- dirt road: 11,900km - displacement: 110m

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    Kilometre 0, Burgas
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    Kilometre 0, Burgas
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